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At Alderbrook Primary School, we aim for every pupil to have a positive and confident attitude towards mathematics. We want to ensure that we equip all our pupils with the ability to think mathematically and solve problems in a range of contexts, understanding the importance of mathematics in everyday life. 

 We follow the Renewed Primary Framework from Years 1 – 6 and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for Nursery and Reception. Each year group follows the key performance indicators for their age range. This forms the main focus of the planning to ensure that all pupils can perform these key skills by the end of the year. We also deepen pupils understanding of the key skills through a range of problem solving and reasoning activities. 

 A wide range of methods are used to ensure that the lessons are stimulating and inspiring while meeting the needs both of the class and the individual, at every level.  Our core scheme derives from the highly respected Abacus Learn, while many supplementary resources are used both to support and extend children.

 Our Calculation Policy explains how the four operations are taught at Alderbrook. New methods of calculation can feel very different from those our parents were taught at school. We offer regular parent workshops to ensure parents have a clear understanding of each method we teach.

 We believe that mathematics should be challenging, fun and practical. Traditional learning of tables, number bonds and using the four operations helps to provide many of the building blocks of mathematics. Providing children with the opportunities to really understand how numbers work, be flexible with their methods and apply knowledge is our goal.

Scheme of Work for Mathematics
At Alderbrook we use the Abacus scheme for Mathematics.  Typically, a maths lesson will start with a brisk and lively starter, warming up and getting the children ready for the lesson, followed by a teaching part of the lesson and a main activity.  The teachers conduct mini plenaries throughout the the lesson to ensure the children understand all concepts taught.

The children use a variety of interactive games from the Abacus online learning environment, use fun and engaging workbooks to complete the learning tasks and are even able to continue their learning at home through the Abacus e-learning environment.

Some useful websites for extra support and interactive activities are suggested below: