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What our Parents say about Alderbrook Primary School 

My child has had a great introduction to school. The teachers have created a lovely class atmosphere in which to learn.

Thank you ever so much for your hard work. It is every parents dream to have your child love learning and you all have made this a reality. Thank you.

My child has had an amazing first year at school, we really couldn’t have dreamed for any better. She has made lovely friends and she adores her teachers. She is progressing at a fantastic rate but most of all she is so happy and her confidence is visibly growing. We love Alderbrook already!

My children have done really well. We are so pleased with their progress. They both seem settled, confident and happy. Their teachers are both Fantastic!! We love them.

My child has progressed and developed so wonderfully this year and I am so thankful to the teachers and all others who have contributed to that.

I wish Alderbrook all the success in the future and Early Years in particular. It is with a heavy heart that we leave to join Reception in a school closer to home.

My child has loved his first time at Alderbrook and we have been really impressed with the standard of teaching – it’s excellent.

My child is loving school and feels supported and loved. This reflects in her willingness to learn.

My child has loved his time at Alderbrook. He has been happy, felt loved, enjoyed learning and made some great friends. Really sad to be leaving.

We are delighted that our children have had such a super start to school life. Alderbrook is a fantastic community school with dedicated staff and a strong ethos for learning and the best possible outcomes for all the children. We like the diversity of the school and enjoying meeting the teaching staff and other parents.

I am thankful to the school for arranging workshops which is very helpful for me in understanding the way teaching in class ~ maths, phonics.

My child is very happy and confident and seems to be making good progress. The staff are wonderful at Alderbrook and we are very happy with the school and the way things are dealt with.

I am pleased to hear that the children get more homework and with the communication between parents and teachers. The level of my child’s progress continues to get better and the aim of setting high standards is still happening. Well done!

I am very happy with the progress my child is making and with the effort all of you are making to achieve that. Thank you so much.

My child is extremely happy to go to school every morning. She finds the school work interesting and is eager to learn more. The school environment is extremely positive and both the teachers and other children’s parents are extremely supportive. My child has made massive improvement since she started at Alderbrook. Thank you for the hard work!

I don’t think you can do better. I am very pleased with the school work. My children really enjoy and all the staff are very kind and helpful. Thank you very much.

I am really proud of my child and the way the school pushes her to do well. It’s fantastic.

I am very happy with Alderbrook. The teaching and support is excellent and my child is given support in the areas he find difficult. Thank you.

We are very happy with the school and feel our child is making great progress.

We are 100% happy with our child’s progress, teaching and school. We support all that you do. Please keep up the great work.

My child enjoys school and has enjoyed using the skills she has learned. We are really happy with the lovely environment that the Early Years Team has created for the kids.

Really happy and safe environment. Very encouraging teachers. All in all we are very happy with Alderbrook and our child’s progress.

I think that discipline and good behaviour is taken very seriously at Alderbrook. We are very happy about the activities carried out at Alderbrook. The children progress well and are happy to attend school.

It is clear that good behaviour is really valued at the school. WE are extremely pleased with the school. Talking to friends with children the same age, it is clear that Alderbrook is often miles ahead. The environment is nurturing and I am amazed at the progress my children have made.

Staff and level of education is excellent. Amazing work! Well done and ‘hats off’ to all. Thank you.

My child has settled in really well and enjoys school. The communication between the school and parents is really good. The early years staff have created a great environment for the kids.

We are genuinely incredibly impressed with all the staff at Alderbrook. Our child loves all her teachers and our younger child keeps asking when he can come to school.

My child has made great progress with her confidence this year and we will work together to concentrate and focus on her maths. Thank you for all your hard work over the last year.

My child loves nursery. Thank you all for all your hard work. I thank you for all the effort and determination to ensure my son excels.

It’s really great!!

It is always a pleasure for my child to go to school and learn a lot of things. The headteacher is often at the entrance. She speaks to everyone.

We are very happy with the teachers and the school!!!

I like it that when a child is a high achiever, he/she is still motivated to work on the next target.

My child’s teacher has been really supportive and encourages my child.

My child has felt very comfortable and enjoyed very much being taught by his teacher.

Thank you all. My child has made a fantastic start and excellent progress in his 1st term.

I am very happy with all areas of Alderbrook and my child is very happy to come to school every day!

My child is fairly new but has settled in extremely well. He is enjoying his time here and now loves to learn. This says a lot.

I think the school has a wonderful staff team who are very dedicated to growing the children’s learning and also think that the schools ability to adapt and grow is a great asset and it is lovely to be able to speak with teachers so easily.

The teachers are very great and warm. They are attentive to my child’s needs and make school enjoyable and safe.

Excellent atmosphere at school which promotes and cultivates a learning culture in a fun manner. Well done to teachers and staff. Highly recommended school!

Amazing teachers, office staff and wonderful headteacher.

All the great results are because of the Headteacher. She has driven the school to another level. We sent our kids worry free here. Well done and keep it up!

WE love the School! All the teachers and staff are excellent with the students. Thank you for much to everyone who has helped my child achieve so much in such a short time.

My child continues to blossom. She is happy, safe and supported in all aspects of learning.

My child cannot wait to get back to school during holidays. He has been at this school since Reception and I can see the remarkable changes that have taken place in recent years, particularly in the early learning year classes; these are outstanding.

My child has made fantastic progress over the last year. Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to our children and the school.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the way our children are looked after and taught. Thank you.

There is a very a happy atmosphere at the school. It is relaxed, yet clearly disciplined and focused on academics. It seems there are very clear tasks for the children to accomplish and a plan to get them there. There’s an important emphasis on teaching the children to learn for themselves. WE are very impressed with the progress our child has made. It is quite remarkable. We get the impression that teachers are content and usually implies top leadership.

What a huge difference a fantastic school makes.

Both boys have made huge progress in what has been a busy and demanding year. As parents we continue to be thrilled with the teaching and management shown at Alderbrook. It’s great for boys to have strong females as role models too!