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Art Intent Statement

At Alderbrook, our ethos for Art and Design is underpinned by a strong appreciation for how individuals are influenced by experiences in their lives and how they utilise skills, knowledge, ideas and resources to explore, create and inspire. We have meticulously structured an array of opportunities to make pupils aware of techniques used by artists from different cultures and disciplines throughout history. This, in turn, allows our children to gain an awareness and develop their own experiences in the ever-evolving processes and creative messages echoed globally. We intend for pupils to immerse themselves in an explorative journey where they have freedom to take risks and express their creative minds, producing work which is accepted and celebrated leading to an inquisitive and confident attitude to art learning throughout their lives. The big ideas that run through our curriculum are; traditional and experimental, small and large scale art, quiet and reflective, active and dynamic, individual and group, two and three dimensional projects, appreciating historical greats and contemporary art.

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Art Tube Line

Our pupils are introduced to an inspirational person before exploring new skills in a specific area of art. This fosters an appreciation for the artist’s influences and how their work may have been shaped by experiences and their background. Developing a core understanding of how our values, our social and cultural identities, and ideas and experiences can be expressed through artwork, deepens students awareness of the world around them and the importance of art and creativity in their future lives. The new skills and knowledge learnt throughout the term is then applied to an end of unit project allowing for children to take risks, discover themselves as artists and apply a growth mindset approach so they truly have ownership over their creations. To prevent restricting their discovery and imagination, children are not provided with Knowledge Organisers in Art, as displaying examples can form a fixed idea of what their work should look like and hinders a creative journey. Instead we provide a ‘Project page’ each half term which includes technical vocabulary and equipment and materials children will be using. A reflective ‘Art diary’ is encouraged throughout the term so students can develop evaluative language and can communicate constructive opinions about their own and others work.

Whole school art events are also dispersed throughout the year such as our annual Take One Picture project in association with the National Portrait Gallery, and opportunities for creativity in mindfulness sessions, playground art and on trips and visits.