Alderbrook Nursery & Primary School


The Intent of our Art Curriculum at Alderbrook

At Alderbrook, our ethos for Art and Design is underpinned by a strong appreciation for how individuals are influenced by experiences in their lives and how they utilise skills, knowledge, ideas and resources to explore, create and inspire. We have meticulously structured an array of opportunities to make pupils aware of techniques used by artists from different cultures and disciplines throughout history. This, in turn, allows our children to gain an awareness and develop their own experiences in the ever-evolving processes and creative messages echoed globally. We intend for pupils to immerse themselves in an explorative journey where they have freedom to take risks and express their creative minds, producing work which is accepted and celebrated leading to an inquisitive and confident attitude to art learning throughout their lives. The big ideas that run through our curriculum are; traditional and experimental, small and large scale art, quiet and reflective, active and dynamic, individual and group, two and three dimensional projects, appreciating historical greats and contemporary art.

Alderbrook Art Curriculum