Alderbrook Nursery & Primary School


Alderbrook Curriculum Intent Statement

Alderbrook is a safe and happy school environment that recognises and nurtures the potential of every child. We inspire in all Alderbrook pupils a curious, independent, confident and resilient love of learning, providing the building blocks for their future success, in education and beyond. A high-quality education is provided through a carefully planned, rich and broad curriculum that gives children the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Emotional intelligence is actively promoted in every child, providing a firm grounding for success in the wider world. We celebrate our diverse school community, actively promote inclusion and build strong collaborative partnerships with our families, developing a sense of belonging.

Our school is based in one of the most exciting cities in the world, full of rich, diverse learning experiences and a deep and interesting history. At Alderbrook, the core message behind our foundation curriculum is ‘what is London?’ and learning circles back to the impact within and on our locality – this is what we refer to as our ‘big picture’. This ‘big picture’ acts as a ‘hook’ for children to latch their learning onto by building on previous knowledge.  This gives pupils a sense of community, further exemplifying our value of collaboration and the importance of tolerance and respect. In order to develop curiosity in our children, we aspire to include magical moments within our curriculum and we teach our children the process of learning and cognition ensuring that they can learn to be tenacious. 

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