Alderbrook Nursery & Primary School


The Intent of our Geography Curriculum

At Alderbrook Primary School, our geography curriculum aspires to develop a progressive understanding and knowledge of local and global environments, to foster a fascination of places, people and natural and physical environments. Within our curriculum, we have embedded five big ideas; migration, geology, scale, sustainability and culture. Our curriculum has been carefully written to include diverse and inclusive content, that gives children the opportunity to explore subjects that are relevant and interesting to them. By the time children leave Alderbrook, they will have learnt about a range of countries from across the world. Through the teaching of our curriculum, children will become confident geographers, equipped with a rich and diverse knowledge of human and physical environments through the teaching of ‘sticky knowledge’. As children progress through the school, children will acquire geographical skills that enable them to interpret a range of geographical information. Children will also gain a self-awareness that will empower them to become respectful and responsible citizens, who promote sustainability and know their part in it.

Read more about the implementation and impact of our Geography curriculum in the below document

Alderbrook Geography Curriculum