Alderbrook Nursery & Primary School

Learning Support

The staff at Alderbrook Primary School work together to ensure that the all the pupils’ needs are being met appropriately, every day. Our staff continuously assess pupil progress on a daily basis to ensure that they meet the expected outcomes and reach their full potential. Any pupil who is not making the expected progress will be given additional support.

 If it is felt that a pupil is still not making the expected progress then a meeting will be held, with the pupil’s parents and the class teacher. The concerns will be shared and outcomes will be put into place with specific support agreed in order to meet these outcomes. The pupil’s progress will then be monitored carefully and if the suggested support does not move the child’s learning on then a referral to one of our support agencies, e.g. educational psychologist, speech and language therapist etc. will be made, with the parents’ consent.

Please refer to our Local Offer for further details about the SEN provision provided at Alderbrook Primary School.