Alderbrook Nursery & Primary School

Representation of Diversity

Developing representation in our curriculum at Alderbrook

We have been working hard to redesign and develop our curriculum to be as representative of the world and our community as possible. We aim to celebrate diversity and promote acceptance and respect. We want a curriculum that allows our children to regularly learn about, and be inspired by, individuals of all abilities from all backgrounds, cultures, genders, sexualities, religions and ethnicities. It is really important for us as a school, that the celebration of differences is embedded in our lessons and discussed frequently at every opportunity possible throughout the year. Weaving diversity throughout our curriculum is an on-going project.

We know that it takes the whole community to provide a truly inclusive curriculum and create well-rounded citizens so at Alderbrook we are now involving all stakeholders in the ongoing development of weaving representation through our curriculum. 

Our Curriculum Lead Miss Tremblin initially began this work alongside Miss Attwood the History lead and the development is now alongside different stakeholders; staff, parents, governors and children. We are committed to ensuring that our community is represented across our curriculum.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can make our offer even better, please do contact Miss Tremblin to share your ideas. From the Summer term 2022, Miss Tremblin will be looking for volunteers to join a working party group to continue this important work and monitor its development so far.

Significant Individuals: 

We want to focus on how the persistence and determination of significant individuals, from all backgrounds, have positively influenced the world in which we live and celebrate their achievements and contributions. We have considered how we can represent a variety of people in all of our subjects.

Challenging Stereotypes:

We want to make sure that we challenge assumptions to broaden our children’s thinking. At Alderbrook we use carefully chosen images, stories and activities throughout the curriculum to allow the chance to dispel stereotypes. Our inspiring futures strategy also enables us to challenge stereotypes within the world of work.

Diverse Visuals:

We ensure that the visuals we choose are inclusive and diverse throughout the curriculum. Varied visuals also give our children opportunities to raise and discuss ideas that are important to them. This allows our children to explore the world and ask questions in a safe space.

Diverse Texts:

It’s really important that children get to ‘see themselves’ in books, both fiction and non-fiction. Not only should they see themselves but they should also be given the opportunity to see a wide range of people in all sorts of roles including that of the main characters and authors. We have committed to buying new books that continue to diversify our library, book corners and chosen teaching texts to be more inclusive and challenge stereotypes.

School Values:

Our three core values ‘Curious, Tenacious and Collaborative’ encourage our community to show respect, ask questions in a safe space and work together consistently.

Black History Month

We have been asked in the past why we don’t explicitly celebrate Black History Month at Alderbrook. October is Black History Month in the UK but at Alderbrook, we don’t restrict it to just one month. We work hard to ensure that our History curriculum includes significant people from diverse backgrounds throughout every unit we cover across the year. If you think we’ve missed someone amazing from a unit, please do let us know! We are always keen to update our knowledge and share this with our children.

Click here to see our representation in the curriculum mapped so far, this is updated regularly