Alderbrook Nursery & Primary School


Leadership Team

Mrs Foulkes (nee Tremblin)

Headteacher, DDSL

Miss Ruck

Deputy Headteacher, DDSL

Mrs Rafter

Reception Class Teacher

EYFS Phase Leader


Miss Clark

Year 1 Class Teacher

Key Stage One Phase Leader

Maths Lead, DDSL

Miss Farmer

Year 3 Class Teacher

Lower Key Stage Two Phase Leader (MAT cover)

Reading Lead (MAT cover) 

Phonics Lead, PSHE Lead

Miss Smith

Year 2 Class Teacher

Acting Upper Key Stage Two Phase Leader

Acting Writing Lead

Geography Lead

Miss Roots




Teaching Staff

Mrs Kotecka

Nursery Class Teacher

Miss Grkinic

Reception Class Teacher

Science & Design Technology Lead

Miss Foulds

Year 1 Class Teacher

Art Lead

Miss Thomson

Year 2 Class Teacher

(SENCo at

Holy Ghost Primary School 1.5 days per week)

Miss Hay

Year 4 Class Teacher

Induction & Music Lead

Mrs Beecher

Year 5 Class Teacher

Religious Education and Computing Lead

Miss Attwood (MAT Leave)

Class Teacher

Phase Lead and Reading Lead

Miss Collins (MAT Leave)

Class Teacher

Science Lead

Mr Graham

French Teacher

Coach Donell

PE Instructor (Youngstars)

Mr Veall

Music Teacher (Sing Education)

 Mrs Green

PPA Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Miss Scarr

HLTA – Year 5 & Year 6

Play Leader

 Mrs Samath

Nursery Nurse – Nursery

Ms Jasim

Nursery Nurse - Reception

 Mrs Chaudhry

Teaching Assistant - Reception

Mrs Bhatti

Teaching Assistant – Reception

Miss Purssey

Teaching Assistant – Reception

Miss Debbie

Teaching Assistant – Year 1

Miss Soni

Teaching Assistant –Year 1

Miss Mezzina

Teaching Assistant – Year 2

Mrs Opoku

Teaching Assistant - Year 3

Mrs Shahzad

Teaching Assistant –Year 4 & Year 5

Ms Lucas-Daniel

Teaching Assistant - Year 4 

Non-Teaching Staff

Ms Kellock

School Business Manager

Mrs Honeyball

Office Manager

Mrs Sylvester

Finance Officer

Mr Oxford

Premises Officer

Miss Linda

Premises Assistant & Housekeeping